Spring prices apply now!

Do you want to learn how to shoot cool expressive and voluminous portraits and retouch them quality, naturally and quickly?


Especially for you I made a video tutorials of shooting process and the author's working with portraits, based on 6 years of teaching experience to more than 4000 students .


Lessons contains information on shooting and retouching which I give on offline training and master classes.


I give you all details:


- about the light from the windows with the schemes and photo examples 


- equipment and settings 


- about preparations for shooting 


- about working with the model


- about how to shoot an expressive portrait and many other things relating to the process.


The lesson contains moments from my real shooting and You can see how I work.


Instructions which are given in the new lesson  of editing are perfect for portrait shoots with natural and artificial light. 


You will learn how it happens: 


- preparing image in the RAW Converter 


- increase space in the frame and eliminate elements you don't need


- effective and delicate application of the filter "Liquify" and working with hair 


- natural, fast and high-quality portrait retouching saving the original skin texture 


- eliminating small unnecessary colors and color spots 


- enhance accents of black and white pattern quickly add volume and contrast like I have on my portraits 


- toning and adding/enhancing texture to an image 


- save images for printing and publishing on social networks and photo sites...


At the end of the lesson you will find a nice bonus.


After watching the lessons, you can contact me for help or any feedback at any time.


Additional material is attached to the lessons (action for retouching, raw-file from tutorial to practice, light schemes...)

Duration and prices: 

Video about shooting process - 32 min.  Spring price: $79 (regular: $139). 

 Video of author's editing - 100 min. Spring price: $89 (regular: $159).

Spring price for both: $149 (regular: $249)

You can send payment via PayPal

After payment text me to alexey54@inbox.ru and i'll give you the link for downloading.